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Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Title: Best of the Time Given (The Seed of the Fire- Chapter 8)
Author: SeaweedOtter
Pairing: Roy Mustang x Maes Hughes
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: AU, Set before the anime started, while Maes and Roy were roommates at the military academy.
Summary: Even the simplest of gestures can mean alot.

Read all of the chapters so far HERE!

With a yawn and a stretch, Maes blinked, sleepy eyes drifting lazily over to the clock on the wall. The room was pitch dark- the thick curtains that were typical of hotels were doing their job all too well.

"Ten thirty!" Maes shot up in bed and stumbled over to the curtains, throwing them open, hoping the streaming sunlight outside would wake the still snoring Mustang in his bed. All it did was make Maes squint his eyes, blocking the rays with one hand. Somehow, even without his glasses, he made it back to the bed without tripping and shook his friend.

"Roy, damnit. Wake up! We've already slept most of the morning away!" There was only a slight response- Roy softly kicked his feet, a half hearted and mostly sleepy attempt to get Maes to stop what he was doing. "Roy!" he shook the man a little harder. Roy grumbled, mumbling some incoherent string of sylables and rolling over to his side.

Maes sighed. "Fine. I am going to have to take drastic measures, then." He reached under the sheets, gently, blindly feeling his way down Roy's side, feeling with the pad of his finger the ridges in the fabric of the tank top, then down to the silky smoothness of the boxers that clung ferociously to the man's muscular curves.

Maes couldn't stop the grin coming to his face when he pulled down the elastic of the boxers slightly and traced a finger down and in, softly caressing the sleeping man's
inner thigh. His finger moved inwards, to the tight, dark curls of hair that he gently twirled around the tip of his digit.

"Mmmm." Roy softly moaned, shifting a little in his sleep. A smile played across the very tip of his mouth.

"Rooooooy... If you wake up, there is alot more where that came from.." Maes leaned in and almost whispered into his ear. He grinned wider, taking the elastic of Roy's boxers and pulling then back as far as he could, then with a SNAP! he released them and they fell back into place.

"Huh, wha? Mmmf... Okay, I'm awake, I'm awake." Roy's eyes snapped open for a second, then fell back to the thin, hazy, semi-awake state of a man who had just been woken from a deep slumber.

"You better be." Maes snapped, unable to keep the hurt and anger from his voice. "You owe me big time for last night."

Roy rubbed his eyes and blinked a couple of times, his pupils taking in the light that now filled the tiny room. He shielded his eyes, taking in a few deep breaths. His head felt thick, like it was filled with concrete, and his eyes burnt. The pain in his temples throbbed with each beat of his heart. After a few heartbeats, it hit him, and his eyes went wide.

"Wait... Maes?"

Maes sighed, shaking his head and walking towards the bathroom to relieve himself of morning pressures. "Yes, you idiot. You really don't remember anything from last night, do you, Roy?"

With the energy not usually seen from a mostly still asleep, very hung over man, Roy sprung out of bed and almost tripped over the sheets and himself and practically ran to the bathroom, nearly knocking Maes over and into the sink when he wrapped his arms around the taller man and held him tight.

"Oh, God, Maes. I am so sorry. You were late last night, and I got really worried, so I started drinking. I thought it would make me feel better, but it didn't." Roy's mind caught up to his body. His head swam, his eyes blurred, and his stomach turned. He let go of Maes, trying to push him towards the door of the bathroom before the queasiness overtook him fully.

"Uh.. I need the bathroom..." Roy said, shoving Maes out and closing the door with a

He sighed again and walked back to his bag, taking out a new pair of boxer shorts and a loose gray t-shirt to wear. He brushed his hair and teeth in the sink in the main room, and flipped through a book on the history of investigations that he had thought to pack. He had been hoping that he wouldn't have time to read it, but things never seemed to work out for Maes quite like he thought they would.

It was quite a few minutes later before Roy emerged from the bathroom, looking rather pale and sweaty. Of course Roy could have been on fire and Maes still would have thought that he was perfect. He walked over to the alchemist and tightly wrapped his arms around him, pressing the shorter man to his body, feeling his chest rise and fall against his own. He leaned his head down, kissing his neck, his chin, his face, every inch of skin he could find that he hadn't gotten the chance to the night before.

"I missed you, Roy. I missed you so much." He buried his head on Roy's shoulder, not caring about the tears that came unbidden to his eyes. His fingers dug into Roy's back, fingernails making moon shaped indentions in Roy's skin. His shoulders heaved with each sobbing breath that came to his quivering lips. Roy gently held his lover close.

"I missed you too, Maes."

Maes rubbed his hands up and down Roy's back, the thin material of his tank top letting the sensation bleed straight through. He gently pulled the shirt up, his thumbs feeling the bumps and scars that formed a road map, a history of the man that is Roy Mustang. He hummed, lifting his head and softly kissing and lightly nibbling the sensitive skin of Roy's neck, eliciting a low moan of pleasure.

"Mmm. Maes. I don't deserve you." Roy tried to push back the nausea, the pain that needled and ached behind his eyes. He wanted to sleep away the pain, but every moment that he lost with his lover was a pain that no hangover could compare with. They had so little time, he knew. Despite it all, he was determined to make the best of the time they had left.

The older man broke away for a moment, holding Roy's arms firmly in his hands and staring- gold green to black. "Yes, you do. I don't know why you must torture yourself, make yourself think that you don't deserve anything good in life. You aren't perfect, but nobody is. That is alright. It is what makes you Roy. And that is what I love. Now kiss me, you idiot."

Roy didn't need a second to think about it. Eagerly, desperately, the weariness, regret, pain was gone in that one kiss, warm lips pressed together for the first time in a month. The fire was kindled, hotter and wilder then before. Maes tugged at his lover's shirt, trying anxiously to pull it off. Roy helped, softly sighing at the few moments they had to break thier kiss to pull the tank top over his head.

Roy took a few steps backwards, towards the bed, pulling Maes with him, now trying to work his shirt off his body. It came off as well, and Roy could feel the sheets pressing against the back of his knees. He had nowhere else to go.

Giving Maes one more kiss, Roy sat down rather awkwardly backwards, almost tipping over in his dizziness. Instead of sitting beside him, Maes kneeled in front of his lover and used his hands to gently pry apart his legs. Roy eagerly spread his legs
open, and the older man started to rain kisses down on the inside of his thighs,
gently and steadily moving up to where the boxers began.

"Oh... Maes..." Roy moaned, his shorts already starting to show signs of his awakenings. Maes smiled and reached a hand inside the boxers, using the flats of his fingertips to rub soft circles up into the curly black hair of his netherregions. He smiled and tugged at the shorts. Roy quickly pulled the shorts down and kicked them off to the side.

Licking his lips, Maes leaned in and gave his fellow solider a few soft licks, making Roy squirm and groan. One hand gently massaged his balls while his mouth left the lightest licks up and down the underside of his lover's length.

"M-m-maes.." Roy could hardly move his mouth to form the words. "I.. have an idea. S-s-omeone showed it to me.. It.. m-m-may hurt a little, but it feels g-g-good.." Maes smiled and gave him one more kiss, then stood up again.

"What is it, Roy?"

"I.. want to be inside of you."

"In... inside?"

"Yes. Do you trust me? I will make it hurt as little as I can for the first time, but it feels so good. I promise I will stop if you ever want me to."

"I trust you."

"Then go grab the shampoo from the bathroom. It will have to do in a pinch." Confused, Maes grabbed the shampoo and came back. Roy was laying on the bed, his legs still spread. He patted he bed next to him. "Come here and sit next to me. It wont take me much to get ready."

Maes did as he was told, and Roy took the shampoo and opened it, squirting a little on his hand. He rubbed his erection, groaning softly, spreading the gel over his length. "Believe me, it is wierd, but you will appreciate it." He smiled and leaned up to give his lover a kiss.

When he was done, he handed the shampoo to Maes. "Hold this for a second. We need to get you ready as well." He smiled, a devious, caniving smile that Maes had learned to love and be very wary of. "First of, get those boxers off, silly." Maes complied, throwing them onto Roy's on the floor. He was almost at full attention, just watching his lover stroke himself. Roy couldnt help but stare for a moment. It had been a month he had seen all of him, and the sight of Maes was more intoxicating than anything he had imbibed the night before.

"Lay down on your stomach." Roy gently commanded, and Maes obliged. Being a soldier that was hoping to go into Investigations, it had taken Maes only a moment to figure out what Roy had in mind, but that didn't mean that he understood it. This was all so new to him. He was glad that his lover at least had some experience, or else he was guessing that this relationship would have been a whole hell of a lot more awkward and possibly painful.

Maes looked over his shoulder, handing Roy the shampoo bottle back. He watched as he slathered more on one finger, then smiled over at him. "Please, Maes, tell me if you don't want to do this. If you want me to stop I will right away."

"I love you, Roy. And I trust you. You wouldn't do this if it wasn't right. Please, do it." Maes smiled.

"Okay. Just relax your whole body. It will make it easier." Maes took a deep breath and tried to conciously relax all his muscled, reflexively closing his eyes. He gasped slightly when he felt Roy's finger pressing against his rear opening. "Okay, here goes." Roy said softly as he pressed inwards. Maes' breath hitched when the digit penetrated. It stung, and Maes bit his lip, trying to remember to keep his muscles relaxed, fighting the natural urge to tense up.

"Are you okay, love?" Maes nodded. "It gets better. Just wait. Roy smiled and pushed his finger in a little further. He knew immediately when he brushed by the very sensitive bundle of nerves inside a man. Maes' eyes went wide and his body shook.

"w-w-what is that?" he exclaimed, arching his back just a litle.

Roy smiled wide. "I don't know it's name, but it is a place inside that feels real nice when you find it. That is what makes this feel so good. Just wait till I am really inside, it is even better." Maes smiled and relaxed back down into the bed. for just a moment, he wasn't quite sure that he hadn't been flying.

Slowly, gently, Roy started into a soft rhythm with his finger, stroking it in and out, getting Maes used to the feeling. "Okay, I am gonna have to stretch you a little more, so I am going to put in a second finger, okay?" Maes nodded, tensing for a moment, then relaxing his body again. Roy's length ached for attention, he wanted so badly to be inside his lover, but he knew he had to take it slow and do it right.

He pressed a second finger inside of his lover. Maes shut his eyes tight and softly hissed, but took it well. He stroked a little faster now, going a little deeper. Every time Roy's fingers brushed that wonderful place Maes shivered and groaned.

"Roy.. please... I.. want you.."

Roy groaned. He knew he should stretch him more, but they were both so desperate for each other, neither of them wanted to wait. "Okay. Just a few moments more. I want to try one more finger, just to make sure.." He wasted no time in pressing a third finger in. Maes bit his lip, groaning softly and shutting his eyes tight. Roy sighed. He could tell it hurt, and he knew if he was smart he would wait and work his lover up to it, but lust was overwhelming reason, and he only stroke a few times before pulling his fingers out.

"Okay, I will try be as gentle as I can. I love you, Maes and I wont hurt you."

Quickly, he positioned himself, taking his aching length in one hand and pressing it against his lover's entrance. Without another word, he press down and in, as slowly and as gently as he could, despite his need. He watched his lover's pained expression, eyes shut, face in a grimace. It almost brought tears to his eyes. He didn't want to see Maes in pain, but he knew that it would get better. He almost stopped right there, until he rubbed against the bundle of nerves again and saw Maes' face change from pain to pleasure.

"R-r-roy..." Maes almost hissed. Roy stopped there for a moment, then pressed forward again, almost surprised when he felt himself bottom out, fully sheathed inside his lover. He stayed still, letting Maes get used to the feeling. He leaned down and kissed and rubbed at his lover, reaching one hand underneath to grip his already stiff length to stroke lightly.

"Are.. you okay, Maes?" Roy asked shakily, nervously.

"I... I think so.."

"Do you want me to go on?"



Roy waited a few moments more, as long as his body would let him, despite his lust telling him otherwise. He pulled back a few inches, then pushed back in and held it for a moment. slowly and surely, he fell into a rhythm, shallow slow stroke inside his lover. His hand moved at the same rate, stroking Maes as he moved in and out. He fought back the lust that threatened to overtake him, it was all so much at once.

The pace quickened. Maes gripped the sheets desperately underneath him, his eyes closed, his lips pursed, his whole body tensed with pleasure.. It was a mix of pain and pleasure that he had never felt before, the sensations rolled over him, one after the other. His body shook and he arched his back. He knew he was close. Roy felt the older man's body tense under him and he knew Maes wouldn't last long. He quickened his own pace, knowing that he only needed a few more pushes...

"Rrrrf... R-r-roy... ROY!" Maes cried out, arching his back, his whole body stiffened and shook violently. He bucked his hips as his orgasm hit him full force, staining his stomach, Roy's hand, and the sheets underneath him. Roy felt his lover come and he pressed in hard, arching his back and pressing hard forward, leaning his head back and yelling his lover's name to the heavens.

It must have been an eternity before they both came down and were able to breathe again. Roy blinked a couple of times and rolled to the side of Maes, snuggling close and laying a gentle kiss on the man who was still trying to catch his ragged breath.

"Are... you okay, Maes?" He tried to answer, but it came out as a mumble of syllables. Roy smiled and gently rubbed his hair with his cleaner hand. "It is okay. If you need to rest I understand. You nap a few minutes. Another jumble of syllables. Roy leaned down and kissed his lover on the lips, whispering "I love you."


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Mar. 7th, 2007 11:17 pm (UTC)
::Fans self::....that was positively yaoilicious! I've been wondering what these boys would be up to once Roy finally sobered up! Great series!
Mar. 8th, 2007 03:07 pm (UTC)
Hehe, thanks. I actually wrote that in the corner of a Barnes and Noble cafe. That was... interesting.
(Deleted comment)
Mar. 8th, 2007 03:07 pm (UTC)
Hehe, thanks. I know Roy is cold on the surface, but it isnt hard to tell that he really does care underneath it all. Thanks a ton!
Mar. 8th, 2007 12:48 pm (UTC)
*whew, it's hot* Great chapter!
Mar. 8th, 2007 03:17 pm (UTC)
Thanks, it was fun to write at barnes and Noble!
Mar. 8th, 2007 03:27 pm (UTC)
0_0 Hughes as uke. I never thought I'd see the day! Wow, good thing I decided to sit in a bathtub full of ice before reading this. ^_^
Mar. 8th, 2007 03:38 pm (UTC)
Well, I dont think I have ever had Roy as a uke, so if it is Roy and Hughes together, Maes get the..er.. short end of the stick.. hehe.
I am glad you liked it, thanks!
Apr. 2nd, 2008 10:10 pm (UTC)
awww, that was soo cute<3 i love hughes..love how he is so innocent and sweet...<3
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