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Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Title: Washing of Sins (The Seed of the Fire- Chapter 12)
Author: SeaweedOtter
Pairing: Roy Mustang x Maes Hughes
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: AU, Set before the anime started, while Maes and Roy were roommates at the military academy.
Author Note: The story is going to start following a bit more of the manga, although it may have elements of both later.
Summary: The best part about a fight is the makeup afterwards.

Read all of the chapters so far HERE!

As was usual the few times the men had shared a bed together, Roy woke up first, with the first rays of the sun streaming through the all too thin curtains. "Remind me to tell General Grumman to get new curtains.." he mumbled to himself. It was another couple of heartbeats before he remembered that he hadn't been alone the night before. A smile slowly grew across his face as he looked at man, still sleeping on his side, curled up in a little ball with his back to Roy, a tiny string of drool threatening to dampen the pillow beneath his angular head.

"Maes." he whispered, reaching down to stroke at his dark hair softly. It caused Maes to shift slightly, but not wake up. Drool crisis averted, apparently. Softly, Roy sighed and stood up, his body reminding him that it had some things that needed to be taken care of.

He walked slowly into the bathroom, trying to not think about the ache between his legs. He tried to convince himself that it was just normal morning wood, and that it would go down on it's own when he relieved himself like it usually did. But he did, and it didn't.

Roy looked back over his shoulder, through the doorway and back into the bedroom, where Maes was stirring just slightly. He knew what, or better whom, was causing this, and he knew how to make it go away, but there had been so much anger and mistrust, would Maes ever want him back, Roy wondered?

He groaned, afraid of what the answer may be. Sure, they shared a bed last night, but they had gone right to sleep, both of them exhausted and mostly clothed. He had felt Maes spoon up behind him, the warmth of his body, the curve of his chest and stomach, and he had felt the slight press of a bulge as well, which made him think that Maes' body still wanted him. But Roy wasn't sure if his head agreed.

Silently cursing himself for thinking about it, which only made his aching worse, he reached over and turned on the shower.

For a moment, he considered a cold shower, but then thought better of it and turned on some heat. He doubted that he would be getting the luxury of hot showers when he went to the front lines. He had heard the stories. He shivered, although he really wasn't cold, and turned the heat up even more.

He stepped in and started to lather himself with soap, but his thoughts kept drifting back to the man in the bed, and his hand unconsciously moved lower on his body. He hardly felt his rough, calloused hand press into the skin of his stomach, skinny and still mostly undeveloped, the abs only now starting to become identifiable. He continued downward, feeling the coarse, curly hair that started as a trail under his navel and traced downwards, becoming wider and thicker until he got between his own legs, making his breath catch slightly. He closed his eyes, and softly moaned. "Maes."

"You know, if you keep that up, we are going to have to do something about that." Roy's eyes snapped open, and the soap dropped out of his grasp and landed on the shower floor with a dull thud. His cheeks flushed hotly and he reflexively tried to cover himself, understanding about half a second later how stupid that really was.

"Oh, um.. Maes.. I am sorry. I am sure this looks bad. Despite the normal excuse that people try to use, this *IS* what it looks like." He looked down at the floor tiles of the shower and put his hands at his sides, his mood quite ruined.

Or so he thought.

"I am flattered that you still think of me like that.. even after having no contact for five months." Maes nervously rubbed at the back of his neck. I would have guessed that you had moved on. Even at the academy, you were never one to dwell for too long."

"What I told you yesterday was true. There hasn't been anyone else. I want to dwell on you. I like how adorably you sleep, curled up in a little ball. When you wake up in the morning, that little lick of hair that you can't control falls over your eyes and tickles your nose, and sometimes it makes you sneeze. And the last thing I see at night is you, not you behind your State uniform, or you with your rectangle glasses, but just you. All of you. That is what I want."

Maes didn't say a word. He stepped into the shower and wasted no time in leaning forward to kiss the shorter alchemist. Roy eagerly kissed back, though part of his brain tried to tell him that this wasn't real. It was a dream, he was still alone in his bunker at training camp, and his former lover was still mad at him for being an arrogant asshole.

He shivered at Maes' touch, so soft and gentle for such a large man. He stood behind Roy, his body pressed close while he leaned his head down and laid light nibbles on his neck.

Roy moaned softly, slapping a hand to the shower tiles on the wall, trying to steady his wobbling legs. Even through the shower, and the soap that was slowly dripping off of his body, he could still smell his lover behind him- that unique combination of musk and scent that made his heart beat faster.

The taller man's licks and nibbles moved from his neck over to his front, he moved his mouth to Roy's nipple and gave it a soft lick. "Rmm... Maes." Roy moaned. It had been the first time Maes had heard this lover moan his name, and it made him pause for a moment. He had forgotten how much he loved Roy moaning for him.

"I am here, Roy. I am not leaving this time." He could feel the vibrations of Maes' voice thrumming through his chest. Roy simply nodded. He tried to push that lingering fear of what was going to happen 2 days from now, and just enjoy the time that had with Maes.

Maes put each of his hands on Roy's shoulders, and used a surprising amount of strength that Roy didn't even know he possessed to turn him so they were facing each other. He leaned in and finally gave Roy a proper kiss, pressing his wet lips to his own. He didn't let go of Roy's shoulders, digging the tips of his fingers into the alchemist's wet skin, his fingernails leaving half moon crescent dents in his flesh.

Eagerly, Roy opened his mouth and pushed his tongue against his lover's lips. He only hesitated for half of a heartbeat before he opened his mouth as well, tongue gently caressing against tongue.

Roy wasted no time in moving the hand that was propped against the wall (and the only thing keeping him from falling to his knees) to Maes' chest. He traced a line down his front, between his pecs, over his flat, still undeveloped stomach, and down to the line of hair, thinner and finer than his, that ran from under his navel and continued down to places that drove Roy wild with desire.

He stopped when he reached the end of the taller man's stomach, where the hip bones sat and the trail of hair became thicker and darker. Roy broke the kiss for a moment, looking into his lover's eyes for a sign that it was okay to continue. Maes didn't say a word. He simply closed his eyes and pressed his lips to Roy's again, harder, with more desire.

Roy's hand traveled further down, feeling through the curly hair, to the throbbing length that twitched softly when he touched it. He heard Maes catch his breath for moment, pressing his body closer and groaning softly. "Yesss.." he hissed, his eyes shutting.

The shorter alchemist smiled, gripping the base of the man's cock, causing Maes to jump just a little. He hesitated for a second, but he didn't ask Roy to stop, so he started slowly, stroking towards the sensitive head, then back to the base. It took him only a heartbeat to start into a rhythm that he had known, falling back into it like a man re-learning how to ride a bicycle. It felt familiar, something that was he was meant to do.

Maes' hands moved as well, at first cupping his lover's rear, feeling the soft curves of his bony hips and thighs before moving forward and starting to stroke as well, although he was more awkward, faster and not as smooth of a rhythm as the more experienced, younger man.

"Roy.. p-p-please.. " Maes moaned, making him pause for a moment in confusion. He kissed the taller man once and looked at him quizzically.

"What do you want, Maes?" he asked.

"You.. I.. want you.."

"You have me, Maes."

"No, I mean.. like before." Roy's eyes lit up. He knew what the man meant. He smiled softly.

"Even in the shower, it will probably still hurt.."

"I don't care. I want you, please." Roy groaned. This man was begging for him. It made his head swim, his knees weak.

"Okay, Maes." Roy took his hand away and leaned down and grabbed the shampoo, squirting it in his hand. Gently, he held Maes' hand in his, leading it away from his own aching length.

"Please turn around, love." he more asked than demanded, and Maes complied immediately. He took a couple of fingers and spread his lover apart, softly and slowing pressing the two digits inside. His brain was telling him to go slow, use one finger first and help ease him into it, but they were so needy they both wanted it so bad.

Maes didn't complain when his body stretched, struggling to take his lover's fingers inside of him. He pushed in, barely pressing against that sensitive bundle of nerves, causing Maes to gasp and hold scrape his fingers into the tiled wall for purchase. "Roy...."

It was like sweet ambrosia, when Maes said his name. It urged him on. He quickly pressed a third finger inside, marveling at how wonderfully tight Maes was. He was so new to all of this, yet he didn't hesitate a moment, totally trusting in his lover.

He heard Maes sigh when he pulled his fingers out. "Just one moment, my love" Roy whispered into his ear, giving his earlobe a soft nibble. He squirted a little more shampoo on his hand and stroked himself a few times, coating himself in the slimy liquid. He knew that the water should help, but the shampoo should be even better, he hoped. He only wanted pleasure for the man in front of him. He wanted to give him the world.

Or, at least his part of it.

Roy wasted no time, using an unsteady, nervous hand to hold himself as he positioned himself against his lover's entrance.

"Are you ready?" he asked anxiously.

"Yes, please, Roy. I want you."

He smiled. As many time as he had asked, he couldn't help but having that inkling of a doubt that one of these days he was going to say no. He wasn't sure he would be able to survive if that day ever came, but he was determined to enjoy what he had for the moment.

With a soft grunt, Roy pressed into his lover, feeling the slick warmth envelop the most intimate part of him. Maes shut his eyes tight and gripped the tiles so hard his knuckles whitened and grout caked under his nails. He closed his eyes and bit his lip. Even with the water and the shampoo, it was a lot to take.

Roy fought back the urges welling deep within the primitive part of his brain and pushed slowly into Maes, sighing when he finally had seated himself fully within the taller man. He waited for a moment, letting Maes get use to the feeling again, his hand snaking over his thigh and gently holding onto his cock. He started to stroke at it softly.

"Are you okay, love?" Roy asked.

"I.. think so.. yes."

He hesitated. "You *ARE* sure, Maes?"

"Yes, please."

Roy smiled and started to pull back until only the very tip was still inside of his lover. He stopped for just a heartbeat, then pushed back in, a little harder than before. Maes tried to keep his stance but he couldn't help but be pushed forward a little, even by a man who he outweighed and had a couple of inches of height on.

"Oh... Roy.." Maes moaned, pressing his palms hard into the tiled walls to keep himself on his feet. Roy smiled and bottomed out again, not hesitating any more. His movements quickened- his hand stroking Maes in time with his thrusts inside. Roy leaned his head down, laying light nibbles on his neck, gently tugging lightly at the skin around his collarbone and clavicle.

"I.. am.. rrrf.. close.." Maes groaned. arching his back and pressing his hips backwards against Roy. Roy almost growled in pleasure, his movements speeding up, his breath became ragged and it was hard for him to focus, white spots appeared in his vision, and his legs wobbled.. desperately he continued on, so close, right on the edge of the cliff, ready to fall..

"Roooooyy!!!" He called out his lovers name. With one arch of the back, his whole body stiffened and he flew over the edge into the freefall of pleasure, his seed mixing with the water, spreading over himself and his lover's hand and the tile and dribbling down into the drain with the rest of the liquid. Roy felt his whole body tense, all of his lover's muscles tensing over his own, and a few moments later Roy cried out his name, thrusting hard once inside of him before it overtook him and he felt the warm liquid oozing out and down.

Neither had noticed that the water had long since turned tepid, and then cold, but it didn't take long for the cold water dribbling over their bodies to shock them back to their senses. Roy smiled and gently turned Maes around, giving him a long, lingering kiss. "I hope you liked it, love."

"Mmm.. It was wonderful, Roy. I hope I don't walk funny in a couple of days." He joked, though his face went sour at the thought of what was going to happen in a few days. "I am sorry. I don't mean to bring down the mood." his face was gloomy, but Roy smiled.

"I am with the person I love. Nothing can bring me down." Roy gave him another kiss, rinsed himself off quickly, and stepped out of the shower. "I am going to start breakfast. Don't take too long, love!" Roy called over his shoulder.

Maes frowned and sighed, thumping his head on the wall of the shower. "Nothing can bring you down." Maes repeated, even gloomier than before.


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Mar. 16th, 2007 12:26 am (UTC)
Oh first comment - Yay!

Oh yeah: SO SMEXY!
Mar. 16th, 2007 02:17 am (UTC)
This is so great, but why do I feel like the last line was a foreshadowing of something bad to happen? I don't mean being shipped off, but could a certain woman be coming between them?...
Mar. 16th, 2007 11:27 am (UTC)
Haha, I loved the incident with the cold water :D
Apr. 3rd, 2007 06:22 pm (UTC)
this was so sweet, sensitive and heartbreaking. to hear roy call hughes "love" was wow. but when hughes was left alone in the shower after they made love; i got concerned-Hughes repeated Roy's words with some ominous undertone "nothing can get him down"; and then banged his head into the wall. does hughes have news that roy won't like to hear? that might break his heart?
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