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Admissions (Mustang x Hughes) 55Themes #21- Library, #13- True Love- Chapter 5

Author: SeaweedOtter
Title: Admissions (New Beginnings- Chapter 5)
Theme & #: #21- Library and #13- True Love
Genres: Romance
Warnings: None, just a Roy/Maes academy fic!
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Roy Mustang x Maes Hughes (finally getting to the pairing!)
Rating: PG
Summary: How would Maes break the news? How would Roy take it?

Author's note: The 55 fics are a story arc, starting at the academy. Also, #1 and #2 before aren't a part of the story, they were written before.

Read all of the stories HERE!!

Maes had been spending most of his time the last week before the end of the semester in the library. It was quiet, which helped him study, but it also got him away from his roommate- who was, by no fault of his own, very distracting.

Unfortunately, even when he wasn't close to the alchemist, he couldn't stop thinking about him.

He had told himself that he was going to talk to Roy about it before the end of the semester, and now they were both so busy with studying for exams that he didn't think that he would get a chance.

The chance came on one Friday. Maes was, as usual, in the library. For whatever reason, Roy had decided to come in, and he of course honed in on the table that his roommate was using.

"Hey, Maes!" Roy said, slapping his friend on the shoulder. Had Maes been actually reading and not distracted with thinking about the man who just showed up, he may have been upset at losing his place, but as it was, he put the book down, glad to have a break from attempting to study.

"Hey there, Roy. Don't usually see you in this neck of the woods. What brings you to this fine establishment?"

Roy smirked and shook his head. "I do know what a library is. I just prefer to study alone usually. Anyways, I just needed a book." He looked Maes over. "Man, you look beat. Let's go get some food."

Against his better judgment, Maes found himself saying "Okay."

A short time later, Roy had his book, and they were carried their noodle dinners back to their dorm room. Maes couldn't help but smile as Roy eagerly slurped up his noodles with an ease that he hadn't seen anyone else have with those confounded chopsticks. He himself had finally resorted to using a fork after trying and failing many times to use the two wooden sticks to pick up his dinner.

"How are you do good at that?" Maes had to ask, as they were finishing their meal.

"Well, let's just say it runs in the family."


"Never mind." Roy smiled and changed the subject, slightly. "So, not a fan of the wood, huh?"

Maes' eyes went wide, and he coughed, choking for a moment on the last bit of noodles that had been left on his plate. Roy slapped him on the back a couple of time until the taller man was able to start breathing again. "Um.. what?" he finally asked.

"The wood.. the chopsticks. I guess you haven't had much practice with them?" Roy clarified.

"Oh.. um.. no. Not really. Sorry."

"Maes, are you alright? You've seemed a little.. vacant recently. I know exams are coming up, but you seem much more distracted than usual."

Hey Roy?" Maes finally answered after a short pause.


"What if I told you that I know someone who likes you?"

Roy smiled. "Well, I would ask you to get me her phone number! Is it someone I know?"


"I guess she is in one of your classes and saw you and I hanging out?"

"Not exactly."

Roy's smile dropped a little. "Enough with the childish games. We aren't in high school any more. Who is it?"

"Um.. me."

Roy grinned. "I think I heard you wrong. You said... you?"


"You know, we are both guys, right?"


"And usually it is supposed to be a guy going out with a girl."


"So.. how would that work anyways? I mean two guys.. well, the equipment, it is the same, It wouldn't really work, would it?"

"Yeah, it can work, if you know how." Maes rubbed his eyes under his glasses. "But I get the distinct feeling that you don't feel the same way I do."

"Well, I dunno, honestly. I've never even thought about looking at another guy that way." Roy shrugged and looked intently at Maes for a moment, like he was studying him for the first time. Maes fidgeted nervously, not sure what was coming next.

Roy chuckled and put a hand on his friend's shoulder. "It sounds like you.. have.. um.. been with a man before?"

"Only two. After the last one broke my heart, I thought I had swore them all off, but I can't deny how I feel for you." He sighed softly. "I am so torn. I know the ultimate dream is to have a wife and kids, and weirdly enough I do want that life somewhere down the line. I kept telling myself to just look at girls once I got here. There are some pretty girls around campus, I admit. But I look at you, and I get all nervous and sweaty. I know what it is I am feeling."

"Oh. Hm. Well, I don't really know what to say. I mean, I know part of me is saying that I shouldn't even be thinking about it. It isn't right." He paused, making Maes even more nervous. "But, I am not nearly as disgusted as I think I should be. I have no idea about.. any of it."

"Well I think the most important thing is how you feel about me." Maes replied. "If you don't see me as any more than a friend, then it really doesn't matter about anything else. Either you like a person, or you don't. It's as simple as that."

"I.. don't know. I'm sorry I can't give you a better answer. You are a good person and a great friend, but beyond that I am not really sure how I feel. I mean, I guess, if I ever were to want to.. experiment with someone.. a guy.. you know.. just hypothetically, it would definitly have to be someone I trusted. And there isn't anyone who knows me as well as you." Roy looked at his feet, nervously.

Maes smiled. He wasn't really getting the response he had been hoping for, but he knew that was a long shot. And he hadn't been burned outright or punched yet, so it could be going a lot worse, but Roy was very unsure, and the last thing that Maes wanted to do was to take advantage of him."

"How about this. Let's go out, to a restaurant. I mean it can't really be a 'date', because you have to be kinda hush hush about this kinda stuff. But let's just see how it goes. And if we just end up falling back into the more familiar friends routine, then no big deal. I'm not gonna force you into anything."

Roy shrugged. "Why not. No pressure, right? And if it gets you less distracted then that is good. I don't want to see you do badly on your exams because of me!"

"So maybe a couple of days after class ends?"

"Sounds good."

"Alright. I am gonna try to steal another couple of hours in the library. I will be back later."

"See ya, Maes."

"Bye, Roy."

Maes couldn't help but whistle a happy tune on his way to the library. Maybe things were really looking up, he hoped.
Tags: 55themes, fan fiction, fullmetal alchemist, maes hughes, multi-chapter fic, new beginnings, roy mustang, roy x hughes
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