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First Date (Mustang x Hughes) 55Themes #6- Restaurant #27- Adrenalin- Chapter 6

Author: SeaweedOtter
Title: First Date (New Beginnings- Chapter 6)
Theme & #: #6- Restaurant and #27- Adrenalin
Genres: Romance
Warnings: None, just a Roy/Maes academy fic!
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Roy Mustang x Maes Hughes (finally getting to the pairing!)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: There is little more nerve racking than a first date.

Author's note: The 55 fics are a story arc, starting at the academy. Also, #1 and #2 before aren't a part of the story, they were written before.

Read all of the stories HERE!!

Both of the young men couldn't have been happier when the semester finally ended. Quite a few of the students went home for the winter break, but neither Maes nor Roy really had much family to go back to, so they were among the small group that stuck around.

It was nice, walking around a mostly deserted campus. Roy and Maes both wore their heavy, woolen, gray overcoats as they walked towards what was considered by many the best restaurant on campus. Their breaths fogged up in the cold, winter air, and the kept their hands shoved in their pockets, keeping as little skin as possible bare to the elements.

"Two please. Something out of the way, if we could, please? we have some important things to discuss." The waiter nodded and took them to a booth in the very back corner of the restaurant. Maes smiled. It was good to have a friend who was a known alchemist. They could get away with a good bit more than the normal person.

"You sly dog you!" Roy smirked as he looked around. The restaurant was almost empty anyways, but with this booth, there was no one remotely close to them.

Maes grinned goofily back at his roommate. "What can I say? I gotta learn to be sly if I wanna get information from people. That is exactly what Investigations is about!"

"So you decided to go for Investigations over Forensics?"

"Yeah. At least with Investigations I will be working with living people, mostly."

"I guess." Roy smiled, a warm, inviting smile that he dropped as soon as the waiter came by.

As they waited for their food to come, they mostly chatted amicably about their classes, and which professors they had next semester.

"Dr. Hibbert? Uh oh. I heard that he was even tougher than usual last semester, after that manure incident." Maes chuckled. "I feel for ya, bud. I'm sorry you have him next quarter. Just be careful."

Their food came shortly afterwards, and they both tucked in with a ravenous hunger, the conversation dropping to nothing for a while. After they finished, they sat and digested for a while, the conversation starting once again.

Roy leaned over the table towards Maes, even though there was no one within hearing distance of where they were. "So.. umm.. what do you usually do when you go out.. on a date.. with a guy?" He said in a low voice, his eyes darting around to make sure that no one was coming.

Maes smiled and put his arms behind his head, stretching then relaxing. "Well, it's really the same as when you go out with a girl. You just talk about whatever, get to know each other, you know?" He grinned wider. "But in this case, I live with you, so that isn't really an option. If I haven't figured you out by now, then I'm not going to!"

"I guess not." Roy replied. "Let's head on out. Maybe we can take a walk down by the library? There is that nice path in the woods. And if you get cold, I can just snap my fingers!"

"Ah, I knew there was a reason I liked you. You are handy to have around on cold nights!"

The alchemist harumphed. "Hmph. I am sure I am good for more than that." He winked and flagged down the waiter and took care of the check. "I have a little money saved up. Don't worry. You can get it next time.

Maes sat there, dumbfounded for a moment, trying to figure out what Roy had just said and done. 'I think I just proved myself wrong. I thought I had him figured out, but I guess not.' He thought to himself.

"Coming?" Roy had already started towards the door.

"Uh, yeah." Maes grabbed his coat and headed after him.

A short time later, they were walking on the train behind the library that lead through some tall wood before circling back around towards the other side of campus. It was a well known spot for young lovers to make out behind some of the trees. Maes knew that Roy must have been well aware of this. He was sure that the alchemist had taken some of his girlfriends into these woods.

"So, I am sure you have been here a few times before." Maes joked, playfully elbowing Roy in the ribs, even with his hand still protectivly in his pocket.

"Yeah. There have been some evenings when I was in the accompany of a fine lady, or two even." Roy grinned, that smooth, almost seductive grin that made Maes shiver.

"Is.. that why you brought me here? Because this is where your dates usually ended up?"

"Well, partially. I thought you may like it as well. You said you were from the east, and I know there arent alot of forests there."

"It is nice. I am glad I have such good company." Maes tried to hide the slight blush to his cheeks, hoping that Roy would chalk it up to the cold. The both slowed thier walk, so they could enjoy it. Unconciously, they started to drift towards each other as they continued, their elbows rubbing against one another, thier feet in perfect step- a byproduct of being a solider.

They were quiet for a while. It was comfortable. Nothing really needed to be said. Maes leaned his head on Roy's shoulder. Roy looked a little surprised at first, looking to see if anyone was around. He relaxed a moment later, Maes felt the tension let out under him.

"This is nice." Maes said. He spotted a bench at the edge of the trail ahead. "Let's sit for a second." Roy nodded. The metal bench was cold underneath them, but they tried not to think about it. Maes linked his arm with Roy's, scooting him closer so that thier bodies were barely touching.

A noise startled them, and they immediatly broke apart. "Oh, it's just a squirell." Roy said, pointing to where a fat, gray squirell was rustling the trees above them.

"Let's head back." Maes replied, eager to get to a safer location. They knew that it was dangerous to be out there, if anyone else had happened to walk by. It was a very nice walk, but both of them were too nervous to appreciate the rest of it as they quickly walked off the trail and back to the dorms, plenty of space seperating them.

"Man, that was a bit scary." Maes said, locking the door behind them. "I should have been more careful. I'm sorry. It was just so nice, being close to you."

"I'ts alright." Roy replied. "I didn't mind. I'm not really afraid of anyone for myself. I always have my gloves on. I am more worried about you."

"Don't worry about me. You know those knives I throw?"


"I always have one on me."

Roy smirked. "Remind me never to cross you!"


The alchemist yawned and stretched. "I think I am gonna head to bed." He said, starting to strip off his outer clothing. "I guess that ends our 'date', right?"

"Hmm.. aren't dates supposed to end with a goodnight kiss?"

Roy turned deep red. "I.. um.. guess so?"

"Hey, I don't want to force you into anything, Roy."

"No, it's okay. It is just one little kiss. No big deal, right?"

Maes grinned. "Right." He walked over to Roy's bed and sat next to him, too nervous to do anything for a moment. In a blink, he leaned over, gave Roy a quick kiss on the cheek, right next to his lips, then stood up and walked over to his bed. "Um, goodnight, Roy." He turned off the light.

Roy touched his cheek where he had just been kissed. Adrenalin rushed through his body. His heart was racing fast, and it had only been a speedy peck on the cheek. "Goodnight, Maes." He said, crawling under the sheets.

It took him hours until he was finally able to get to sleep.
Tags: 55themes, fan fiction, fullmetal alchemist, maes hughes, multi-chapter fic, new beginnings, roy mustang, roy x hughes
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