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After the Fall: Chapter 6 (Roy x Ed)

Title: After the Fall, Chapter 6
Author: SeaweedOtter
Characters: Roy x Ed and some implied Roy x Hughes...
Rating: R to NC-17 overall for language and nudity- (finally the 6th chapter gets to some sexy parts!!!)

Warnings: The story changes the continuity just a little bit from when it takes place at the end of episode 25 in the TV series. It takes place after Hughes' death but before Ed, Al, and Winry take the train to Rush Valley.

Summary: After the funeral for Maes Hughes, Roy was feeling rather... vulnerable.
Copyrights: The characters obviously belong to their creators, not me.

Read all the parts of the story so far HERE!

Roy flashed Ed an angry look. "Look, Fullmetal. I already told you why I took your clothes off. If that isn't a good enough reason for you, then you are more than welcome to get your wet clothes and get the hell out!" He pointed to the door, an angry, seething look on his face. It was either the look of a man who was getting rather annoyed, or the look of a caged animal who knew there was no way to get out of the trap. Ed wasn't sure which.

Ed couldn't help but smile when, right on cue, there was a bright flash of lightning, followed by a loud clap of thunder just a couple of seconds afterwards. If Ed had believed in God, he would have thought that was His kind of joke. He shook his head, the smile growing broader on his face. He sat up from the couch, and the yellow woolen blanket fell and pooled on his lap, exposing his bare chest to the room. With a smug grin, he studied the colonel's face, to see what kind of reaction it would garner. He really wasn't sure why he did it. He didn't think he really wanted to give the colonel a peep show, but he had already seen him with his shirt off before, so it wasn't like it was something new to Mustang.

Despite his best efforts, Roy couldn't take his eyes off the young man that Ed was becoming. He had been such a little brat when they had first met, he remembered, but recently he had been taking on more responsibility. He was still a pain in the ass, but slowly he seemed to becoming less of a pain in the ass boy and more of a troubled young man.

His eyes wandered first around Ed's face, his almost dry blond hair sticking out at odd angles from laying down on the couch. His wheat colored eyes belayed his new responsibilities, they gleamed with childish enthusiasm and playfulness, as well as a deep sadness. What a strange dichotomy. But that is something this boy excelled in. His mouth was slightly cracked open, a crooked smile that seemed to fit him well. Roy's eyes continued to move downward. He wasn't sure how long he was staring, taking all of Ed in, and he tried to mentally tell himself to stop, but he just couldn't seem to do it.

'And Ed is staying quiet,' he thought. 'That either means that it hadn't been long, or Ed didn't mind being eyeballed. Or, perhaps, that he was just waiting for the right moment to make a smartass comment.' A few more heartbeats passed, and still no smartass comment came, and Roy's eyes drifted towards the automail on Ed's right side.

There were some very ugly pink scars on his shoulder and down his side, gruesome reminders that living human flesh used to be there. He figured that turned most people off right away. 'Maybe that was why Fullmetal never had a girlfriend. Or maybe it was just because he spent too much time with his brother going willy-nilly across the countryside.' he mused. Either way, it didn't scare Roy off at all. 'And maybe that was why Ed wasn't saying anything,' he thought. 'Perhaps he was just surprised, or even happy that he had found someone who wasn't as disgusted with his body as he was.'

Without even thinking about it, Roy moved a little closer, his ungloved hand reaching out towards the automail. He stopped a few hairlengths away, and for the first time, they locked eyes. Roy looked to Ed, silently asking for permission to touch it. He had shaken Ed's hand many times, both with and without the glove that he usually used to cover his automail hand, but this was the first time that he really, truly, saw it, and took it all in.

To the surprise of both of them, Ed nodded his head slightly. His smile faded into.. a curious look. He seemed to wonder as much about what the colonel was going to do as the colonel did. Even as Roy reached out his hand and touched the automail, he was surprised at how warm it was. It took him a moment to register the fact that this had been the side closest to the fire, and he knew enough about metal's heat conducting properties to know why. He ran one finger down the outside of the mail, tracing a line down to the elbow, and picking it back up below, making a line down to the young man's wrist, then abruptly stopping.

For a moment, he wasn't sure what to do. He knew what his heart wanted him to do, and what his head was telling him not to do. Roy was truly stumped on which he should listen to. His heart usually won out over his head, which was the main reason why he had a reputation as quite a ladies' man. His heart hadn't really failed him in the past, and perhaps, though only Roy Mustang knew the real reason, that was why he listened to his heart that time.

His finger went back up the warm automail, then tenderly, tenativly at first, he reached where the automail melded back into flesh. He stopped for a moment, and waited a few heartbeats to see if Ed was going to ask him to stop. He noticed instead that Fullmetal's eyes were lightly closed, and he was humming softly, about as close as a human to get to a feline purr, it seemed to him. He smiled a bit at the thought of the feline side of Ed. He wondered for a
moment if this cat had claws.

Roy's index finger, calloused and charred from years of snapping his fingers, touched the younger alchemist's bare flesh, causing Ed to hiss slightly when he sucked in a soft breath. He paused for a moment, confused by the noise. But one look on Ed's face told him that was no need to hesitate any further. His finger traced over the soft pink scars on his shoulderblade, taking in all of the pain and suffering that Ed had survived all these years. He felt just a little bit bad for giving his subordinate such a hard time in the past. This boy had known more suffering than most grown men did in their entire lives.

He flattened his hand against they boy's chest. He hadn't grown any hair on his face or chest yet, and he found himself iddly wondering if he had grown hair anywhere else. Part of Roy's mind screamed out 'He is just a boy!' when his mind started to wander down that dark path. He tried to shake those lingering thoughts out of his mind. 'He wasn't recoiling, he looks like he is enjoying it...' he tried to scan Ed's face. He wasn't yelling and calling him a bastard and telling him to get the hell off of him, but his face was... eerily blank.

"Ed... is.. are you.. okay?" He finally had to ask. He wanted to continue, but he needed to know that he could.

There was a pause for a moment.. A few heartbeats went by, and Roy got scared. He started to pull his hand back, but Ed softly layed his hand on top of his colonel's. "It... shouldn't be. I have never even thought about being with... another man.." Ed started. He paused again, and Roy stayed still, hardly breathing, waiting to see what the younger boy.. no.. young man was going to do next. "My mind is telling me that I shouldn't let you. I should run away. But.. But... It feels nice. I don't know what to do..." They locked eyes again. There was fear in Ed's eyes. He could see that easily. But there was something else as well. Curiosity perhaps, and an inner fire, a fire that burnt hotter than the flames that lept from his beck and call.

"I... won't do anything you don't want me to Full- er... Edward." Roy's voice was soft, unsure for once. That threw Ed off just as much if not more than having his superior officer touching his bare chest. And even worse than that, he thought that he wanted more.

"I... don't mind Colonel... er.. um... Roy..." he managed to barely squeak out the man's voice at the end. Roy shivered. He had never heard Ed say his name like that, with trepidation, but longing. A need. The fear in his eyes had lessened, there was more fire in those beautiful golden orbs.

"Just... tell me to stop... if I do something you don't like, Okay, Edward?" Ed gulped audibly, and only nodded his head, taking his hand off from on top of Roy's as softly as he had placed it there. Roy's flat palm moved to Edward's left side. He moved softly over the unblemished pectoral muscle, and over Ed's only nipple, which made Ed suck in his breath again. The room was warm, yet his nipple was standing at full attention, hard and sensitive to the lightest of Roy's touches.

Mumbling a soft prayer to a God that he didn't believe in, hoping that wasn't going too far so fast, he leaned in close to Ed, close enough for the younger man to feel his hot breath on his chest. His mouth opened softly and a tongue ever so slowly and tenderly touched the little pink bud. Ed gasped loudly. His eyes went wide, and his mouth opened. For a split second Roy was so afraid that he had done something wrong and Ed was going to yell at him.

"Oh.... g-g-god.." Ed whimpered loudly. Without even thinking about it, Ed's hand went to Roy's soft, stringy black hair, trying to hold him close to his quaking body.

Roy leaned in closer. He was less tenative now, firmer, he opened his mouth and started to suckle at the nipple, running his tongue over the tip, gently scraping the very tips of his flat teeth against the sensitive flesh. That definitely garnered a response from Ed.

"Oh.. Nnnnnng!" was all he could gasp, practically tugging on Roy's hair now in his desperate attempt for more attention. Softly, Roy drew his mouth away from the nipple, making Ed sigh in disappointment. But he waited only a fraction of a second before his mouth went to Ed's neck, nibbling lightly. His hand rubbed the nipple for a second, then moved down. Down his chest, down those abs that were way too well developed for a normal boy of his age, and down to his belly, right where the yellow blanket met his flesh.

He could feel, even without looking, without moving his hand any further, that this was really exciting to the young man. He could feel the tenting of the blanket between the young man's legs. Oh merciful Lord, if there was indeed one, he wanted to see what that ugly blanket was hiding. If the blanket was tenting as much as it seemed to, then this young man wasnt small everywhere, but he didn't dare take his eyes off Ed's beautiful, perfect neck.

"R-r-r-roy..." Ed moaned, through clenched teeth. Just the mere sound of his voice, being said by this beautiful boy, made him quiver. It made him want him even more. His mind was going a million miles a minute. He didn't know what to do.. He wanted to touch this boy, to show him love, to show him how to make him feel like he was flying. But he still didn't think that Ed had any idea what to do, or even if he wanted to do what he had no idea how to do.

"Ed.." Roy replied softly, almost sadly. He gave Ed one more kiss on the neck, then drew his hand and mouth away. He couldn't stop the moisture that came unbidden to the corners of his eyes. "I.. am... scared. I am scared that you have no idea what you really want, and that you will regret this later."

Ed looked at the colonel, confused, hurt, disappointed. "But... I do want this.. I.... want... you.." he stammered.

Softly, not sensually, but in a more comforting manner, Roy rubbed Ed's chest. "Do you? Do you really know what you want, Edward? Do you know what it is to fall in love? To fall in love with another man? Do you know how it feels when you can tell no one? When you can't hold hands or kiss in public, or even show the slightest hint of affection in the presence of others? Do you know how it feels to be ostracized for the sex of the person you love?"

Ed started to get that annoyed look on his face that came when Roy was chastising him for something or another. "Well.. no... but.." Ed stopped, honestly not sure how to respond.

"Despite my apparently flippant attitude towards love, I don't fall easily, and when I do, I don't let go." Ed understood after a moment. Colonel Bastard really did have feelings for him. This must have been something he had been hiding for a while. He always had been good at hiding his true emotions. He was giving Ed an out, to make sure he really knew what he was getting into.

"You... like me?" Ed asked, equal parts trying to rile him up, hoping for an honest answer, and getting the normally stoic and private colonel to open up just a little.

"I... have.. admired you from a distance for quite a while. But you are quite a bit younger, and besides, it is against a whole hell of a lot of regulations to fraternize with a fellow soldier. Not to mention that... well.. two men together isnt exactly welcomed with open arms." Roy admitted.

"But... you... LIKE me??" Ed seemed unable to get this concept around his brain, and Roy flashed him with a look that was a mix of bemusement, and annoyance.

"Is that really so damn hard to believe, FULLMETAL?" Roy stressed his 'formal' name.

"Considering nobody has ever... liked me, yeah. It is." Ed clamped his hand over his mouth, silently cursing himself. 'Oh, that was fucking wonderful. Now he knows you are a virgin who has no idea what he is doing. If he wanted you before, he wont now!' he thought.

The smirk grew on Roy's face, and his somewhat innocent chest rubbing took on more of the sexy wanderings it had had just a few minutes before. "Ah, so the great Fullmetal Alchemist has never had a girlfriend, huh?"

'Yeah, that is Colonel Bastard for ya' Ed thought. "I have been pretty fucking busy you know, but no. I haven't had a girlfriend, you bastard. Does that make you feel better? Now you know! The wonderful ladies' man bastard has had women, and I haven't. And maybe men too." The last part stung Roy a bit. He began to wonder if Ed thought he was just another conquest in Roy's long line of beddings. He had already told Ed that he didn't fall in love easily. What else did the shorty want?

"Oh, so you think I am not serious about you, is that it, you little brat?" Roy was getting rather annoyed, and was losing some of his arousal.

"What makes you think that I fall in love so easily?" Ed turned his question back on Roy. Startled, he just looked at the young man, perplexed. Beaten at his own game.

"I thought... you didn't like men?" He asked, unsure. he hated that Ed seemed really good at keeping him back on his heels. It both impressed and annoyed the much older man.

"Well, I never thought I did, though I always admired you from a distance." There he went, stealing Roy's words again. I guess it was about as close to an admission that Roy would get. It was good enough for him, for now.

"So... you still want to do this. You won't regret it?" Roy asked softly, hopefully. Ed just nodded.

"Well, I don't know what is going to happen tonight, or in the future, but at least lets get somewhere a bit more comfortable." Roy stood up, and offered his hand to Ed to help him up. He accepted it, and the blanket fell to the ground, revealing the younger alchemist once again, clad only in boxer shorts that were indeed tented quite high in the front. Roy had been right. There were parts of this young man that were not 'short'. Roy took his hand gently, leaving plenty of time, and room if Ed wanted to let go and not follow. His steps were slow and deliberate. Roy's mind was racing, his heart pounding in his chest, sweat forming on his brow as he led this young man back towards his bedroom.
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